1-1 Personal Training

These are 1 hour long sessions in BexiWood Fitness' private studio, where you will be taken through a personalised workout program designed to help you achieve your goals. Including cardiovascular training, resistance training, core and flexibility training.

A FREE consultation will be conducted prior to the start of the program to find out your goals and see where your starting point is.

1-2 Personal Training

Similar to 1-1 sessions however you get to train with a buddy! This could be a friend, a relative or anyone you'd like to share your journey with. Sessions are still 1 hour long and follow the same methods as 1-1 sessions. Training with a buddy allows you to stay motivated, helps finanially by splitting the cost between you both and makes the sessions even more enjoyable. Both clients will recieve a FREE consultation each where I will find out your individual goals and program sessions to meet both of your goals. 

Diet Plan

A 6 week personalised diet plan to help aid fat loss or weight gain, and improve your general health.

A consultation will be conducted which will include a diet analysis, goal setting, diet guidance and I will calculate your Calorific Intake. I will personalise a balanced diet plan for you to follow for at least 6 weeks. Following a tailored diet plan will help you achieve your goals quicker and you have online support throughout. They say "Abs are made in the kitchen!"

Home workouts

I started providing home workouts for clients to do during the Covid-19 pandemic. These proved very popular and were a perfect way to keep clients on track working towards their goals.

These home workouts can be done anywhere and you don't need any equipment.

They are tailored to meet your individual goals and are adaptable for all levels of fitness.

I change the layouts of these workouts to keep them motivating and fun. This is a perfect way to achieve your goals if you're on a budget or aren't in the Leicestershire area.